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  1. PokerMaster HUD Converter ManualPokerMaster HUD Converter Manual [Article]
  2. Pacific (888) PokerPacific (888) Poker [Article]
  3. Running PokerMaster on BigNox Android emulatorRunning PokerMaster on BigNox Android emulator [Article]
    Step 1: Download BigNox from and install it.
  4. MOMO player installation guideMOMO player installation guide [Article]
    Download Momo PLayerMomo is an android emulator for PC. It can be used as a platform
  5. Mouse ShortcutsMouse Shortcuts [Article]
    - Dbl left click on player to switch
  6. Setup (TN2)Setup (TN2) [Article]
    Setup general options for TableNinja II: General Optimizations Poker Sites
  7. Display (TN2)Display (TN2) [Article]
    TableNinja II can automatically show you how many chips you have, in BB or in Harrington's M. By dragging the small rectangles, you tell TableNinja II where that information should be shown on the tab...
  8. Betting (TN2)Betting (TN2) [Article]
    Besides the usual Bet Actions, you can create hotkeys for betting a specific portion of the pot, a specific number of blinds, or a combination thereof. Each betting hotke
  9. Microgaming - PrimaMicrogaming - Prima [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Microgaming / Prima:
  10. PKR NetworkPKR Network [Article]
    Overview: PKR recently moved to the Microgaming Poker Network. They are no longer writing hands from the point you don't contribute to the pot so we can no longer support these ca
  11. HUD Settings / General SettingsHUD Settings / General Settings [Article]
  12. HUD Reporting ToolHUD Reporting Tool [Article]
    The HUD Reporting Tool in HM2 allows us to see HUD related issues much faster so we can put out an update faster. Please note that you may not get a prompt reply via email for any HUD Er
  13. What can be done if the HUD does not work?What can be done if the HUD does not work? [Article]
    Question: What can be done if the HUD does not work? Solution: Holdem Manager's HUD requires 3 things to make it operational.
  14. Create a Backup and restore default settingsCreate a Backup and restore default settings [Article]
    1 - Backup Settings and config files: Go to the
  15. How to setup Holdem Manager to run with IPoker Speed TablesHow to setup Holdem Manager to run with IPoker Speed Tables [Article]
    *Make sure windows is fully upda
  16. My Table Scanner Is Not Working On PokerStarsMy Table Scanner Is Not Working On PokerStars [Article]
    If you find that the Table Scanner is not working with PokerStars please check the following to make sure you have everything setup correctly. 1. Your PokerStars client must b
  17. HM1 to HM2 Importing IssuesHM1 to HM2 Importing Issues [Article]
    If you have any discrepancies* after importing y
  18. Database Update UtilityDatabase Update Utility [Article]
    The Database Update Utility updates your Holdem Manager 2 database automatically. This could take a significant amount of time on large databases! Please see below for co
  19. Move Database to Another Hard Drive or PartitionMove Database to Another Hard Drive or Partition [Article]
    Overview: How can a PostgreSQL database (Hand Database) be moved to a new Hard Drive or Drive Partition? Solution: If PostgreSQL is installed o
    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager
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