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Pacific (888) Poker


There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Pacific Poker:


Once the above steps have been successfully completed, your HUD will be operational.



  • January 2019 Update -  The HH path in the new software to C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\888poker\\HandHistory.  The new poker client auto centers your seat at the table.  You need to configure this to match in HM2 - Options - Site Setup - Pacific - Preferred Seating. (10 Jan 2019)
  • Snap Poker - We are not allowed to display a HUD on Snap Cash tables.  We are allowed to display one on the Tournament Snap tables but we are waiting for them to provide us with the necessary API/Files we need before we can add support. (26 Sep 2014)
  • Nevada - The 888/Pacific player pool has merged with Nevada (and Delaware) as of May 1st.  Nevada does not allow the tracking of hands or use of a HUD because of the way they interpret their gambling laws so the New Jersey software had to disable that so the player pools could merge.  If they no longer write hands our software will no longer work on their software. (03 May 2018)


Setup Pacific (888) Poker Hand History Options

Note:  Always make sure you have the latest version of Holdem Manager before proceeding!
Holdem Manager 2 Update

  1. Launch 888/Pacific Poker.
  2. Select "Settings".
  3. Select the Game settings" tab.
  4. Make sure the "Keep my hand history in:" box is checked. 
  5. Select the language as "English".
  6. Note where the Hand Histories are being stored to your hard drive.*  (Write it down, we may need this later.)
  7. *The image below is from an old version of their software and the old path.  The HH path in the new software to C:\Users\{UserName}\Documents\888poker\\HandHistory


Windows 7 & Vista Users:  By default, Pacific Poker saves Hand History files to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\PacificPoker\Handhistory.  These are Hidden Files by default so if you're going to use this folder for your Hand Histories you must tell Windows to unhide Hidden Files.

Now we're ready to tell Holdem Manager where these Hand Histories are.  (Click Here)

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