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PKR Network


PKR recently moved to the Microgaming Poker Network.  They are no longer writing hands from the point you don't contribute to the pot so we can no longer support these cash game hands -

Microgaming has made a decision to not provide cash game customers with all hand histories for games they are seated in.  Even though a Microgaming cash game player has posted blinds for the round, they will now only provide customers with a hand history if the customer directly contributed to a pot.  We are no longer importing Microgaming cash game hand histories because many stats are significantly skewed as a result of the Microgaming decision to not provide hand histories on all cash game hands.  We will continue to support Microgaming tournaments as all players are provided with complete hand histories.

There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with the PKR Poker Network:

  1. Setup PKR Network Hand History Options
  2. Setup Holdem Manager Auto Import Folders


Once the above steps have been successfully completed, your HUD will be operational.


Setup PKR Network Hand History Options


Note:  Always make sure you have the latest version of Holdem Manager before proceeding!
Holdem Manager 2 Update 

  1. Launch PKR Network Poker Client. Make sure you install in English.
  2. Play a couple small stakes cash game hands.
  3. Navigate to: C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\PKR\handhistory\
  4. Make sure hand history files got saved here.  PKR add folders as dates so check todays date folder for the Hand History files.
  5. Note this folder because we'll need it in the next step.  C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\PKR\handhistory\

Now we're ready to tell Holdem Manager where these Hand Histories are.  (Click Here)







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