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  1. HUD Settings / HUD DesignerHUD Settings / HUD Designer [Article]
  2. Current Player / Aliases [Hero]Current Player / Aliases [Hero] [Article]
  3. HUD Popups Stat DescriptionsHUD Popups Stat Descriptions [Article]
    How to Rollback
  4. Table HUDTable HUD [Article]
    individual table mode', in this mode it would work like before, moving the arrows would only affect the table your at and not the others, this would be specifically for people using "multiple seating"...
  5. Reports / Hands ViewReports / Hands View [Article]
    Use the Hands View for easy navigation of individual hands. Number of Hands Shown in Hands View
  6. Party PokerParty Poker [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Party Poker:
  7. Fix Holdem Manager 2 Lagging (Reports & HUD)Fix Holdem Manager 2 Lagging (Reports & HUD) [Article]
    How to improve Holdem Manager 2 performance: Please install the latest version of Holdem Manager 2: ht
  8. Holdem Manager & PokerTracker Merger FAQHoldem Manager & PokerTracker Merger FAQ [Article]
    Why did you merge? How will the merger affect customers? How will this impact prices?
  9. Holdem Manager 2 TVHoldem Manager 2 TV [Article]
    Introduction Video
  10. Settings / AliasesSettings / Aliases [Article]
  11. HUD Settings / Tournament FiltersHUD Settings / Tournament Filters [Article]
  12. HM2 Alert Viewer SystemHM2 Alert Viewer System [Article]
  13. Settings / Rakeback and BonusesSettings / Rakeback and Bonuses [Article]
  14. Hand Replayer / Replayer Options IconHand Replayer / Replayer Options Icon [Article]
    Replayer Options Use the Holdem Manager Hand Replayer Options to choose the following options:
  15. HUD Settings / Caddy ReportHUD Settings / Caddy Report [Article]
    This can be turned on by going to HUD Settings > HUD Designer. Tick the "Start Caddy Report on HUD Launch" in the bottom right corner.
  16. Opponents IntroductionOpponents Introduction [Article]
    Click a heading below to see more information: Game Mode
  17. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / FiltersOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Filters [Article]
    Use the Filters in Player Analysis to filter out hands with the following criteria: Date Range - Choose the dates for hands you want returned. More Filters - Change th
  18. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Stat Analysis and NotesOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Stat Analysis and Notes [Article]
    Stat Analysis and Notes Analyze the stats and view notes taken on the
  19. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Big HandsOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Big Hands [Article]
    Big Hands Gain valuable information by analyzing how opponents are playing their Big Hands . Create some very informative notes from this information. The Big Han
  20. Opponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Line AnalysisOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Line Analysis [Article]
    Line Analysis The Line Analysis tab allows you to anlyze the following: Position Filters
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