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What can be done if the HUD does not work?


What can be done if the HUD does not work?




Holdem Manager's HUD requires 3 things to make it operational.

  1. Hand Histories must be saved from the poker client to the hard drive.
  2. Holdem Manager must know where the poker clients' Hand Histories are. (Auto Import Folders)
  3. Your computer's date/time must be correct and you must adjust the Site Time Adjustment setting to account for any difference between the poker client clock and your computer.


Note:  Make sure you have the latest version of Holdem Manager if the HUD is not working!
Holdem Manager 2 Update

Note:  Make sure the poker client is the English poker client.  Also make sure the poker client is saving Hand History files in English.

Note: Note that we do not support play money hands so you must test/play real money hands when using HM2 and any of these, or unsupported game's, files will not be imported/archived which can cause performance problems.


Note:  Make sure you are testing on Real Money tables as HM2 does NOT support Play Money tables.



Saving Hand Histories

Open the poker client. Make sure it is saving English Hand Histories.  For specific information about poker clients, see the Setup Information from poker sites part of the Holdem Manager FAQ. 


Still Not Working?

Send an email to us via the 'Contact Support' link here answering the following questions. We will be more than happy to assist you.

  1. What version of Holdem Manager 2 are you using? (Please give the specific version number, i.e
  2. What poker sites are you playing on. Does the problem occur on more than one site?
  3. Which type of game(s) are you playing? (NL, FL, Omaha, SnGs, MTT)
  4. Have you clicked on the Start Import button on the ribbon menu?
  5. Often, it is one setting or option that is not correct in your poker client. Please see our Detailed FAQ's on configuring Holdem Manager to work with  poker sites to make sure your poker site is saving Hand History files.
  6. Verify the hand histories are showing up in the folder that you configured in Holdem Manager to auto import from. Also make sure that these hand histories are the hands you just played and make sure you have selected the proper site screen name from the Hero menu.
  7. Please check your Sessions. Do the times listed for the hands match the time that your computer shows when you are playing? If not, Open Hand Importing, click Site Time Adjustment and enter the number by which they are off in the corresponding site box.
  8. If you think the hands are importing then please go to the Reports section. Select your username and run a report with all filters off to confirm they have imported correctly.
  9. If the hand histories show up in the auto import folders, but they are not importing into the database. Please create a new database and try importing some hands to test if the hands import into the new database.
  10. Have you tried to attach the HUD using the Table Finder and did it work?
  11. If you open the hand history files, are they written in English?
  12. If you still have problems, please use our HUD Reporting Tool and then send us an email to let us know.
Windows 7: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\
You must show both hidden files and check unhide system files. See this:
Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\User_name\Application Data\HoldemManager\
For showing hidden files and unhide system files, see this:



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