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    Plugging Leaks using Holdem Manager
  2. Transitioning from HM1 to HM2Transitioning from HM1 to HM2 [Article]
    Transitioning from HM1 to HM2 This FAQ is designed to give a quick overview of all the settings and options in Holdem Manager 2. When first making the move from Holdem Manager 1 to Holdem Man
  3. Table Scanner - Profile Wizard & Scan ProfilesTable Scanner - Profile Wizard & Scan Profiles [Article]
    Before you can use the Table Scanner you need to specify which tables you would like to scan. This can be done via the "Profile Wizard" which will automatically open when you enter the Table Scanner a...
  4. Cake SetupCake Setup [Article]
    Overview: Revolution network was previously Cake Network. There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Revolution/Cake Poker:
  5. PokerStars.Fr SetupPokerStars.Fr Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with PokerStars.Fr:
  6. Turning Off UAC (Windows 7 or 8)Turning Off UAC (Windows 7 or 8) [Article]
    Overview: UAC or User Account Control should be turned off when using Holdem Manager. Note: Most of the time running Holdem
  7. Full Tilt SetupFull Tilt Setup [Article]
  8. Windows Firewall / Defender ProblemsWindows Firewall / Defender Problems [Article]
    Overview: Step by Step Guide for solving PostgreSQL problems related to: Windows Firewall vista Window
  9. Poker Stars SetupPoker Stars Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 3 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Poker Stars:
  10. HUD Settings / Popup DesignerHUD Settings / Popup Designer [Article]
  11. Table Control - Layout (TN2)Table Control - Layout (TN2) [Article]
    Change Layout Close Tables Custom Layout Multi-Stack Layout
  12. Database Manager (Ribbon)Database Manager (Ribbon) [Article]
    Database Manager has the following options: Database Info Backup Restore
  13. How are Mucked Cards enabled?How are Mucked Cards enabled? [Article]
    Question: How are Mucked Cards enabled? Solution: How to
  14. HM2 StoreHM2 Store [Article]
    This Home tab menu has 2 options:
  15. New Computer / License Transfer / Reset CodeNew Computer / License Transfer / Reset Code [Article]
    Overview: How do I transfer my Holdem Manager License to my new computer? Solution: We have launched a new online form for resetting yo
  16. Settings / CurrenciesSettings / Currencies [Article]
  17. Experimental (TN2)Experimental (TN2) [Article]
    Enable P
  18. Annoyances (TN2)Annoyances (TN2) [Article]
    The Annoyances window allows you to automatically handle common poker related annoyances. Auto clicking the time bank, or automatically handling tournament registration popups are all found here
  19. Table Control - Cycling / Table Aside (TN2)Table Control - Cycling / Table Aside (TN2) [Article]
    Cycling Hot Keys Set Table Aside Set Table Aside Edit Button
  20. Table Control - Popup (TN2)Table Control - Popup (TN2) [Article]
    Target Table Mode Table Frame Colors Popping Up Tables Steal
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