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How are Mucked Cards enabled?

How are Mucked Cards enabled?


How to enable mucked cards

Turn on mucked cards

Configuring mucked cards in the hud

How to enable Mucked Cards

To turn on mucked cards go to Hud Settings > General Settings > Expand Mucked cards. Set the display time to anything other than 0 seconds. Also set the opacity of mucked cards and configure it to show the hero’s mucked cards.


Turn off Mucked Cards

To turn on mucked cards go to Hud Settings > General Settings > Mucked Cards and select a display time of 0 secs.

Configuring Mucked Cards in the HUD

Sit in on a table and play a couple of hands until the HUD shows up. Then click on the Settings Icon as shown below.


In the HUD Options menu that appears tick show mucked cards position.


Then the Mucked hole cards will show up. Drag them to the correct seat by right clicking and dragging the numbered cards AA-TT. The Ace represents seat 1 and TT represents seat 10. On a HU table there will only be AA and 22. On a 6max Table there will be AA-66.

Usually the 1 o'clock position is seat no 1 for most sites and it works in a clockwise rotation. Some sites vary though so, use trial an error until the correct seats are selected. Try seat 1. If their hands show up 2 seats away, then move the seating 2 seats clockwise or anti-clockwise. Try again until the correct cards show at the correct seats. Also 6max, 9max/10max etc. need to be setup separately. So, open a table and configure each one. The examples below show the 1 o'clock seat as seat no 1. But, as mentioned, trial and error may need to be used to find the correct seat. These are examples:


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