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Table Scanner - Profile Wizard & Scan Profiles

Before you can use the Table Scanner you need to specify which tables you would like to scan. This can be done via the "Profile Wizard" which will automatically open when you enter the Table Scanner and have no profiles setup. The wizard will guide you through a 5 step process to create a scan profile. The wizard can be used at anytime by selecting the Profile Wizard option from the Table Scanner ribbon.



A scan profile specifies which poker site(s), stake(s) and game type(s) you want to scan for.

Also scan profiles can be added, edited and deleted by selecting the "Scan Profiles" option.



Make sure that you are not selecting incompatible game types as Required in the Format. For example, a table cannot be both Shallow and Deep. Use the Exclude function to leave out formats you do not want to scan, or use Optional for everything.

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