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Multi-Currency Support
Some sites offer several different currency options when playing at tables such as GBP £, USD $ And EUR €. Holdem Manager 2 has a feature that allows you to convert the amount into your local currency.

Currency Exchange Rate
You can use the Currency Rates feature to edit the current currency rate. As we can see in the example below $1 USD = €0.79 EUR or £0.79 GBP. Of course you can change it to whatever you like by clicking on the "get current rates" button that gets the current rates from and updates the values automatically.  These rates will affect all the previous and new hands in the database.

*Note: We do not support Bitcoins as a currency and do not have any plans to add support for it at this time as none of the networks we support use it as a currency on their tables.


Using The New Currency Stats
For anyone with multiple currencies it is advised to use whichever of the EUR, GBP and USD stats applies to you instead of the $USD stat. The stats are available in the stats selection which can be accessed by clicking the stats button in reports as shown below:



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