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  1. Settings / Hands View ColumnsSettings / Hands View Columns [Article]
  2. International SitesInternational Sites [Article]
    The International Sites Settings are used if you play on a regional skin (i.e. of a poker site/network. Some sites have different versions of their software depending on the countr
  3. How Does Holdem Manager Calculate Positions Based on the Number of Players at the Table?How Does Holdem Manager Calculate Positions Based on the Number of Players at th... [Article]
    Question: How does Holdem Manager calculate positions based on how many players are at the table? Answer: View the chart below which indicates the pos
  4. What is EV? (Expected Value)What is EV? (Expected Value) [Article]
    Question: What is EV and how does it work? Video Here
  5. Table Scanner - Fish/Regulars/FriendsTable Scanner - Fish/Regulars/Friends [Article]
    Fish/Regulars/Friends Player Lists Import Fish/Regulars/Friends
  6. Table Scanner - Scoring ProfilesTable Scanner - Scoring Profiles [Article]
    The scoring profiles option with
  7. Table Scanner - Main View (Filters)Table Scanner - Main View (Filters) [Article]
    The results of a scan in the Table Scanner are displayed in 3 groups. These groups are: Tables Players Players at table. *The layout of
  8. Table Scanner - Scan ProfilesTable Scanner - Scan Profiles [Article]
    Scan Profiles are the profiles Table Scanner uses when scanning poker clients for table information. You can turn on and off different profiles by clicking the checkboxes next to each profi
  9. Table Scanner - Font SmoothingTable Scanner - Font Smoothing [Article]
    The Font Smoothing button enables and
  10. NoteCaddyNoteCaddy [Article]
    NoteCaddy Programmable automatic notes and color coding for Holdem Manager. Click HERE for
  11. Filters / More Filters / Hand ValuesFilters / More Filters / Hand Values [Article]
  12. Filters / More Filters / Hole Cards - OmahaFilters / More Filters / Hole Cards - Omaha [Article]
  13. Filters / More FiltersFilters / More Filters [Article]
  14. Filters / Tournament FiltersFilters / Tournament Filters [Article]
    Tournament Filters provide specific filtering options for tournament players. How To Use Tournament Filters Tournament Filter List
  15. How is Party Poker Live Tracking Configured With FPHG?How is Party Poker Live Tracking Configured With FPHG? [Article]
    Overview The following FAQ explains how to setup Live Tracking
  16. Secondary Logon Service ErrorSecondary Logon Service Error [Article]
    Turn On Secondary Login Service Start Secondary Logon
  17. Vacuum Analyze Database Vacuum Analyze Database [Article]
    Manual Vacuum Solution: Note: This process can take a long time on large databases. Try to d
  18. How to Use the New Graph ControlHow to Use the New Graph Control [Article]
    We introduced a new graph control which has a smoother control, is faster, and has better zoom options. This is phase one since it was a complete rewrite of the old control. We decided it was wor
  19. Reinstall PostgreSQL 8.3 while preserving databaseReinstall PostgreSQL 8.3 while preserving database [Article]
    The following FAQ guides you through the PostgreSQL install process when you have already installed PostgreSQL and are trying to preserve your old Database. Take Note of
  20. Revolution SetupRevolution Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Revolution Poker:
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