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More filters provide a powerful tool that to drill down into a database and analyse hands based on a vast number of filters. This is a very effective way to analyze weaknesses in a player's game.

There are 9 Major sections within more filters, all of which have a number of filters and features. Click on the links below to find out more information about each section.


  1. Tournament Filters - Tournament specific filters
  2. Basic Filters - Filters such as stakes, players, position, preflop action facing player, hand tagging and more...
  3. Hole Cards (Hold'em) - Filter based on holecards, suited, offsuit, connectors, gappers, broadway etc for Holdem Hands.
  4. Hole Cards (Omaha) - Filter based on suitedness, pairs, rundown, wraps, gap sizes and hole card texture for Omaha.
  5. Board Texture - Filter by a large amount of possible board textures.
  6. Hand Values - Filter by the strength of the hand on the flop, turn or river.
  7. Filter By Actions - Filter based on the actions preflop, on the flop, turn and river.
  8. Filter By Bet Size - Filter by a number of bet sizing filters including open raise size, 3bet size, donk size and much more.
  9. Advanced Filters - Wide variety of miscellaneous filters.
  10. Current Filters - This displays the current selected filters and the ability to save and load custom filters.
  11. Quick Filters - Use the Quick Filters function to easily and quickly apply combination filters to Reports.

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