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  1. questionReports Introduction
    Click a heading below to see more information: Hero Game Mode Options Heads-Up Display More Reports Filters Report Grid Cash Game Reports Tournament Game Reports Hands View Bottom Status Bar
  2. questionReports / More Reports
    Click on More Reports to choose the different reports available in Holdem Manager. There are different reports available in: Cash Game Mode Tournament Game Mode
  3. questionReports / Filters
    Create Filters to analyze a player's game or view results over a specific period of time. Date Range - Filter by date, a specific day, last x hands and several other date related filters. More Filters - This is a comprehensive set of filters such as position, holecards, board texture, ha ...
  4. questionDatabase Update Utility
    The Database Update Utility updates your Holdem Manager 2 database automatically. This could take a significant amount of time on large databases! Please see below for common questions regarding the Database update. Do I need to do the database update when I get the prompt? Who should upgrade? ...
  5. questionReports / Tournaments/ Tournament/ Tournament Editor
    Overview: The Tournaments report displays indvidual tournaments. The default sort order is by Start Time but you can resort by any of the individual columns by clicking on the column heading. If there are any discrepancies in the results due to missing information in the imported hand history ...
  6. questionReports / Hands View
    Use the Hands View for easy navigation of individual hands. Number of Hands Shown in Hands View Replayer Hand Viewer Hole Cards Grid Results Graph Tournament Summary Show Only Marked Hands Show Known Hole Cards Right Click A Hand Options Number of Hands Shown in Hands View In the screen abo ...
  7. questionReports / Cash Game / More Reports
    The Cash Game Mode Reports Tab currently has the following reports available: By Stakes Expected Value - By Stakes Overall Position Sessions Stack Size VsPlayer Winnings Summary Date Time Time - Day of Week Time - Hourly Time Quarterly Graphs Cash Results Graph Leak Buster Overall Po ...
  8. questionReports / Tournament / Tournament Tags
    Tournament Tagging helps you Tag Tournaments for easy filtering when using the Tournament Reports. Tourney tags are pretty basic and we will show you how to setup Tournament Tag's below so you can start using the Tourney Tags. Filter for Tag will filter the current report for the specific tou ...
  9. questionReports / Tournaments / More Reports
    Overview: Holdem Manager has an insanely powerful Tourney / Results Window!!! Think of it as a personal Tournament Manager! Filter Tournaments by Buy-in, # of Players, Speed, Game Type, Single Table SNG’s and MTT’s for easy analysis. On top of that, all these powerful Filters wor ...
  10. questionReports / Tournament Mode / Tournament Summary
    Summary Tab The Summary Tab displays the follwing stats for Tournament/SNG games: Number of Tourneys Completed Not Finished Unknown Buyin ROI In the Money Winnings Total Duration of all games Hourly Rate Average Buyin Average Duration