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Reports / Cash Game / More Reports

The Cash Game Mode Reports Tab currently has the following reports available:

More Reports / Stakes

The default view displays the Hold'em game type played along with the number of hands, money won, bb/100, VPIP, PFR etc. in a table format. Modify reports by adding or removing report statistic columns by right clicking in the data table.

Click on the Graph tab to see the same stats in different types of graphs.


Graph Reports


Modify Reports

Add/remove stats from the reports in 3 ways:

  • Via the stats button in the top left corner of the grid


  • Right click inside the table grid and choose "Report Statistics" 

save as one.png

  • To remove stats quickly, right click on the column headers. It will display a list of the available stats. Remove a stat by un-ticking it:

vipip 22.png

Load the statistics dialog to view the window below. To find the applicable stat, type in a keyword like 3bet, 3-bet, flop, turn, river, cbet, continuation bet etc. Each stat has a brief description of how the stat is calculated.

Use the up and down arrows to alter the order of the stats displayed in the report. To remove a stat, click on the stat in the left window and then click the right arrow. To add a stat, select the stat on the right side window and click the left arrow.

 reports stats.png

More Reports / Expected Value - By Stakes

Expected Value or EV 
is a mathematical formula based on when a hand goes all-in before the river.  This report can be viewed in table or graph format.

expected value.png 

More Reports /Overall

Simple overall stats on all the stakes and Hold'em games that have been played.  This report can be viewed in table format.


More Reports /Position

Stats based on position at the table.  They can be viewed in Table or Graph format.

position 22.png

More Reports /Sessions

This is a report on all of the Sessions that have been played.  They can be viewed in Table or Graph format. 

sessions 22.png

More Reports /Stack Size

Broken down into Big Blinds, this report shows stats based on how many Big Blinds a player has when the hand started.

stack size 22.png

More Reports /VsPlayer

This displays results vs different opponents.

vs player.png

More Reports /Winnings Summary

Winnings Summary
is a report that shows the summary of winnings based on stakes and type of game played. 

winnings summary 22.png

Date Time Reports

Use the Date Time Reports to view three different types of reports:  Time - Day of Week, Time - Hourly and Time-Quarterly.  They can be viewed in Table or Graph format.

time stats 22.png 


Cash Results Graph is a graph of cash game results.  The Graphed Hands tab shows a table of the hands that are in the graph.

cash graph 22.png


Leak Buster

Leak Buster  
has several different report options available.  Please CLICK HERE for more detailed information on Leak Buster Reports.
reports 222.png 


The Number of Players report displays statistics from different table sizes. For example, view the play on a table of 4 players compared with a table of 6 players. This is based on the number of players at the table and not the table type i.e. 6max, 9max or HU.



The Hand Groupings Report allow you to see different stats for different Hand Groupings like Big Pair, Big Ace, Suited Connectors and several others listed in the image below.  This report can also be seen in the Graph tab.

grouping 23.png  

Hole Cards Report

Run reports based on opponents Hole Cards in the Hole Cards report. This report can also be seen in the Graph tab.

holecards 23.png 

Pre-Flop Activity Report

The Pre-Flop Activity report displays information on the Hero's, or any player's, pre-flop activity.  This can also be seen in Table format, by clicking on the Table tab.

preflop activ 22.png 


The Hands At Showdown report tab displays statistics for River Made Hands on: High Cards, One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House and Four of a Kind.  This report can also be viewed in graphical format by clicking on the Graph Tab.
  showdown 23.png

Hands At Showdown (Detailed)

The Hands At Showdown (Detailed) report gives more River Made Hand combinations than the Hands At Showdown report.  This report seen below can also be viewed in Table format by clicking the Table tab.

bar graph 223.png

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