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Hand Importing / Import History

Import History will keep track of import stats along with errors and duplicates.  This is mainly a debug tool so we can quickly see why a hand imported as an error.  (See Hand Imported As An Error.)

We can see hand import statistics for the following:
  • Auto Import
  • File Import
  • Database (Backup & Restore + Import from HM1)
  • HM Sync


Hand Imported As An Error

Many things can cause this. They include:

  • Incomplete Hand History - We see this more for tournament players than cash players and it happens on their bustout hands.  They are frustrated and close the table before the Hand is 100% completely written to their hard drive.  
  • Hand History has corrupt information - The hand importing algorithms in HM2 are very complex and sensitive to anything it sees out of the ordinary. Instead of importing a hand with inaccurate or incomplete information, HM2 will reject the hand from being imported. 
  • When sites update their Hand Importing files we need to update our hand importing algorithms too.  This is generally done within 24-48 hours after a site changes their hand importing format.  Sites with a major change to their hand importing files may require more time from the HM2 Programming team. 

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