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  1. questionHand Importing
    Use the Hand Importing option to complete the following tasks: Start a Manual Hand Import (Import Hands) Configure your Auto Import Folders Set up the Site Time Adjustment Setup Tourney Defaults (Buyins) View Import History
  2. questionOptions / Hand Importing / Manual Hand Importing
    Import hands from files or from folders with the Manual Hand Import menu by clicking the Options > Hand Importing menu from the main ribbon. For Auto import, please see Site Setup. Import File(s) Import Folder Import Options Import File(s) To import hands from files: Click on the ...
  3. questionOptions / Hand Importing / Auto Import Options
    Auto Import Folders are a key part to make Holdem Manager 2 work. Holdem Manager must find hand histories on your hard drive to import them into the HM2 database. The actual import folders for each site are now in the new Site Setup menu. The options below are global options that affect all a ...
  4. questionOptions / Hand Importing / Site Time Adjustment
    The hand history time is written by the poker site and not by Holdem Manager. The hand history time zone, computer time zone and Holdem Manager time zone are sometimes different. Use the Site Time Adjustment function to synchronise the time between the poker site, Holdem Manager and the compute ...
  5. questionHand Importing / Tourney Defaults
    Use Tourney Defaults to choose a default value that will be applied to all tourneys that are imported when there is no buy-in information.
  6. questionHow to sync auto imported hands between HM Cloud and HM2
    When using HM Cloud (Build 1.0.412) and HM2 (Build on the same computer*, your hands played with either HM2 or HM Cloud will be automatically imported to the other client on next start. Three supported scenarios are: Play hands with HM Cloud. Next time you start HM2, hands played w ...
  7. questionHand Importing / Import History
    Import History will keep track of import stats along with errors and duplicates. This is mainly a debug tool so we can quickly see why a hand imported as an error. (See Hand Imported As An Error.) We can see hand import statistics for the following: Auto Import File Import Database (Backup &a ...