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Backup and Reset HUD to Default HUD to troubleshoot HUD or Crashing Issues

Sometimes certain settings can cause HUD issues or HUD crashes. To rule out the HUD files being corrupt or a non default setting causing the issue backup the hud settings and restore them back to the default. Once this is done you can always restore your previous HUD settings so they will not be lost. Instructions below:

How to Backup your HUD Settings:
Go to Hud Settings in the ribbon menu. Select HUD Designer in the left menu if its not already selected. Above the selected stats you will see several buttons.  Click on Export and give the HUD a name you will recongnize. Take note of what path you saved the file to in case you need to restore the HUD Settings later. Once a name has been chosen click Save and the HUD settings are now backed up.

How to Reset HUD to the Default HUD:
Go to HUD Settings in the ribbon menu. Select HUD Designer in the left menu if its not already selected. Above the selected stats, click on Reset to show 2 options.

All Configs and Panel positions. Select All Configs and OK and your HUD will now be reset to the Default 2.0 HUD. Test Holdem Manager to see if the issue still persists. If the issue is solved, then it is probably a corrupt config file.  Please email the exported config you saved above to us via the 'Contact Support' link here with details of your issues so we can write up a ticket and prevent this from happening in the future. If the issue still remains, we have ruled out the issue is related to a corrupt config and you can follow the instructions below to restore your previous HUD settings. You will need to followup up with our support staff on narrowing down the issue.

How to Restore a previously backed up HUD:
Go to HUD Settings in the ribbon menu and choose HUD Designer in the left menu if its not already on that. Above the selected stats you'll see several buttons.  Click on Import.  You may receive a message saying there is already a configuration named Default 2.0 HUD if any of the HUD names your currently using are the same as the HUD names your importing. Choose Yes to overwrite this as you want to overwrite it with your old HUD. Now your HUD settings should be restored.

Backup Popups:

If you believe the issue you are having may be related to a popup issue you may also want to backup your popup's and then restore the popups to the default popups to rule out them out as the cause. Typically you might suspect it is a popup issue if the problem or crash happens when hovering over a popup. If you simply want to reset to the default popups and do not need to back them up skip the next step and go directly to Resetting to Default Popups.

How to Backup Popup's:
Go to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\HoldemManager\Config folder and copy any files that end in the extension .pop.
If you dont see any .pop files then see here how to turn extensions on

Paste the files into a new folder.  Take note of the path in which the files are saved to. You will need to Restore from this location in the next step. Once the files are saved, the popup's will be backed up.

Resetting to Default Popup's:
Go to HUD Settings in the ribbon menu and choose Popup Designer in the left menu if its not already on that.  Click on Reset and then click OK. Now the HUD popups should all be reset to the deafult popup's. 

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