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How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work?

How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work? 


Note: Always make sure the correct database is selected on the left before attempting to Backup or Restore.

Note: If there are issues with Backup or Restore, please try the advanced backup and restore method.

Note: Before backing up or restoring a Database, export hands first as a safeguard! This way there is always a backup.
Note: A backup can only be restored into a Database that was created with the same version of PostgreSQL that created the backup.

Opening Database Manager

Creating a backup

Restoring a backup


Opening Database Manager

Holdem Manager 2 makes it easy to Backup and Restore databases and Settings via the Database Manager. To do this, first open the Database Manager by clicking on the database icon in the Home section or click on the database in the bottom status bar.



Creating a Backup

To create a Backup, click on the Backup Tab. Holdem Manager assigns a default name but it can be changed to something specific if desired (B). The folder path of where the backup will be stored can also be changed (A).

When creating a Backup, Holdem Manager will Backup everything detailed below. During the Restore there is an option to choose what to restore or not to restore if not everything is needed.


The following is saved during a backup:

  • The database including notes, tournament summaries, bonuses and rakeback, aliases, currencies and settings such as import time adjustments.
  • Autorate settings.
  • HUD Settings
  • The configurations for all the settings chosen in Holdem Manager such as the settings found in Settings > General Settings
  • Filters that have been created or edited within Holdem Manager.
  • Table Scanner settings.
  • NoteCaddy Definitions
  • HUD configurations and popups
  • Player Notes and Hand Notes
  • Hand Markings
  • Rakeback and Bonuses
  • The location and information that helps Holdem Manager find databases in PostgreSQL.
Click start Backup to begin backing up the database. (C)

Only Backup my settings and not the database:
If you just want to backup your settings click on "Skip database (only backup configs)"

Restoring a backup

To Restore a Backup, go the restore TAB in the Database Manager. Click the browse button (A) to locate the path where the backup file is stored. Then choose which data should be Restored.


By default all of the settings options will be checked (B).

To restore a database (C) select either overwrite database or create new database. Overwriting a database will not delete it. It simply creates a backup of the old database with a new name then imports the new database over the current one. Create new database will prompt to enter a new database name. The database info will be imported into that database leaving the current database untouched. To only restore config settings, table scanner, auto rate settings etc., use the Skip database (only restore configs) option.

Click Start Restore to begin the restoration of the database and/or settings

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