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  1. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis
    The Player Analysis tab gives you access to several very powerful tools. Player Analysis Filters Target Player Line Analysis Stat Analysis and Notes Big Hands Hand Strength Pie Graph Hands View To Popout Player Analysis Window in Holdem Manager: Click the Cross ...
  2. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Filters
    Use the Filters in Player Analysis to filter out hands with the following criteria: Date Range - Choose the dates for hands you want returned. More Filters - Change the following: Minimum Hands Number of Players VPIP Poker Sites Show Winners or Losers Game Type - Filter for different poker ...
  3. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Target Player
    Target Player The Target Player allows you to choose the player whose stats you want to analyze. To select a player: Click on the icon to launch the Current Player window. Type the name of the player you are searching for. Highlight the target player in the list. Click OK.
  4. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Line Analysis
    Line Analysis The Line Analysis tab allows you to anlyze the following: Position Filters Target Player's Preflop Line Flop Board Texture Target Player's Postflop Line Position Filters The Po ...
  5. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Stat Analysis and Notes
    Stat Analysis and Notes Analyze the stats and view notes taken on the target player. Select Report Player Notes/NoteCaddy Radar Graph Select Report Select a Holdem or Omaha report from the drop down menu to display the stats for that game type. Player Notes/NoteCaddy View notes that have ...
  6. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Big Hands
    Big Hands Gain valuable information by analyzing how opponents are playing their Big Hands . Create some very informative notes from this information. The Big Hands tab displays hands in which the Active Player Won or Lost X number of big blinds (bb). The default setting is 0bb but it can easily ...
  7. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Hand Strength Pie Graph
    Use the Hand Strength Pie Graph to view detailed information on opponent's hand disbursment versus the selected Line Analysis.
  8. questionOpponents (Ribbon) / Player Analysis / Hold'em Hole Cards
    Hold'em Hole Cards Hold'em Hole Cards displays a breakdown of any selected player's play from Most Won to Least Won. Hold'em Hole Cards can also filter hands in conjuction with the following filters found in the Line Analysis Tab: Position Filters Preflop Line Flop Board Texture ...