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  1. questionHome Introduction
    Click a heading below to see more information: Hero Utilities Options Heads-Up Display Add Widgets HM2 Store HM2 Updates HM Advisory, Widgets & Holdem Manager 2 TV Bottom Status Bar adkjfhkjadf
  2. questionUtilities (Ribbon)
    The Utilities section is composed of two functions: Database: Database Manager HM Synch: Launches HM Sync
  3. questionDatabase Manager (Ribbon)
    Database Manager has the following options: Database Info Backup Restore Maintenance Import HM1 Databases Export Hands Purge Hands HM Sync Database Info Green Plus = Create a Database Blue Check = Make Selected Databse Active Pencil Icon = Rename the database (you can only rename an inact ...
  4. questionWidgets Introduction
    Introduction Widgets are different windows launched from the Home section that contain Applications, Poker Tracking Tools and News. App Launcher Widget Launch poker applications from the Holdem Manager 2 Dashboard with the App Launcher Widget. Widgets that can be added to the Home Dashboard: Le ...
  5. questionHM2 Store
    This Home tab menu has 2 options: My Licenses - This will open the My License window where you can start HM App trials, enter your license code, log on to your account and clear your license. Buy Upgrades - This will take you to your Shopping Cart in your default browser so you can b ...
  6. questionCheck for Update
    Click the Home > Check for Updates button to ensure the latest edition of Holdem Manager is running. We recommend you always update to the latest official build but if you want to skip the latest official, or latest beta, update for any reason check this box. If you check this box ...
  7. questionAdd your Poker Site widget to HM2
    You can submit your poker related RSS feed for approval here: We only require a couple of things to be part of the HM2 Widget program: No content that promote actions, products or services that are against the TOS of the poker sites. Violat ...
  8. questionBottom Status Bar
    The Bottom Status shows: Status of Import Active Player Database Manager Send Feedback Status of Import Feedback, Active Database and Active Player Send Feedback Popup