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Check for Update

Click the Home > Check for Updates button to ensure the latest edition of Holdem Manager is running.



  1. We recommend you always update to the latest official build but if you want to skip the latest official, or latest beta, update for any reason check this box.  If you check this box you won't be prompted to udpate until the next beta/official release with a new revision number is released.  If you want to be prompted for this same revision number the next time you start HM2 leave this box un-checked.
  2. Check this box if you want to test our latest beta updates before they are officially released.  You can also toggle the prompt for beta updates on/off in the General Settings menu.  These updates are more prone to errors that weren't discovered during internal testing so use them at your own risk and you may want to create a new database to use with the beta build.
  3. Click this Close button if you choose to skip an update for any reason.
  4. Click the Download and Install button to install the update.



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