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Widgets Introduction


Widgets are different windows launched from the Home section that contain Applications, Poker Tracking Tools and News. 

App Launcher Widget

Launch poker applications from the Holdem Manager 2 Dashboard with the App Launcher Widget.

Widgets that can be added to the Home Dashboard:

Left Hand Column:
  • Holdem Manager News
  • App Launcher
  • Card Runners
  • Cash Results
  • Cash Session Efficiency  

Right Hand Column:

  • Holdem Manager Videos ( HM2 Training Videos)
  • 2+2 Magazine
  • PokerNewsDaily
  • News
  • News
  • Holdem Equity (Equity Calucalting Tool)
  • Tilt Breaker
  • PokerTVNetwork
  • ThehendonMobNews
  • WickedChopsPoker Blog
  • HoldemManager 2 TV
  • Blogs
  • DanielNegreanu's Blog
  • DragTheBar News
  • ESPN Poker Blog 
  • HoldemManager Blog
  • Leggo Poker Blogs
  • PartyPoker News 
  • PocketFives News

Add and Remove Widgets

Add Widgets

Remove Widgets

Sample of current widgets widgets2.png

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