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  1. questionTable Scanner - Main Views
    Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are discussed in this FAQ. 3 - Table View The Table View displays all the poker tables Table Scanner finds during it's scan along with detailed information about each table. You can add and remove data columns while color coding stats, tables and players to instantly see pro ...
  2. questionTable Scanner - Main View (Options)
    The Main View options in Table Scanner allow you to open, join or close tables direclty from Table Scanner. You can also format the appearce of the Table Scanner Main View by adjusting colors based on player or table profiling. Table or Player Colors Table or Player Column Editing Toggle ON/O ...
  3. questionTable Scanner - Main View (Filters)
    The results of a scan in the Table Scanner are displayed in 3 groups. These groups are: Tables Players Players at table. *The layout of these 3 groups in the Table Scanner can be configured in Settings > Appearance The results displayed in the "Tables" and "Players" groups can be filtered ...