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TableNinja 2 Introduction (TN2)

TableNinja II is designed to automate the repetitive and annoying parts of online poker so that you can focus on the tough decisions, play more tables, and take your game to the next level.


Use this page as a starting point to understand how TableNinja II works.


Setup Wizard

Hot Keys Defined

TableNinja II FAQ Pages

TableNinja II Common Questions

Table Ninja II Poker Stars Setup

Table Ninja II Full Tilt Poker Setup

Table Ninja II Party Poker Setup

Hot Keys Defined

Assigning a hot key to a task means that instead of clicking your mouse on your poker client, you use a keyboard shortcut to perform the same action.  Using hot keys allows you to play more tables with less effort.

Example: You might assign betting All-in to "A" on your keyboard.  Then when it's your turn to act on a table you don't click All-in, you just press the "A" key on your keyboard to go all-in.  Enabling hot keys does not disable mouse clicking, it's just a shortcut to get the action performed.


TableNinja II FAQ Pages

  1. Hot Keys
  2. Betting
  3. Table Control - Popup
  4. Table Control - Layout
  5. Table Control - Cycling / Table Aside
  6. Table Control - Ninja Vision
  7. Annoyances
  8. Display
  9. SNG Sensei
  10. Setup
  11. Experimental
  12. Help











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