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Holdem Manager 2 Performance & Speed Modifications

Tips and solutions to performance and speed related issues. Even if there are no issues at the moment, these suggestions will keep the databases running efficiently.

Note: Most of these procedures are for advanced users only. 

Operating System
3rd Party Software 


Operating System:

  • Update Windows (use Microsoft Update, and make sure you have the latest Service Pack (SP2 for Vista, SP3 for XP) and update all system drivers (including the main board and video card driver).
  • Turn off indexing and turn off "compress this drive to save disk space" in hard disk properties. Right click Hard Drive in Windows Explorer to get to Hard Disk properties.
  • Optimize Windows for "best performance" (in Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Setting/Visual Effects). 


Advanced users only: Save space by turning off System Restore (System/System Protection) and moving (or make it smaller if you have enough RAM) the Virtual Memory system page file (System/Advanced/Performance/Setting/Advanced). Windows 7 users, General Windows 7 Performance Tweaks guide (SSD hard disk tweaks will also be in that guide) In the PC, go to Control Panel > Power Settings and make sure it is running on high performance. Power Save mode can sometimes affect the performance.



Hard Drive:
Get a fast hard disk. It is more important to have a fast hard drive than having a quad-core processor over a dual-core processor.
SSD Hard Drives are the fastest and they have come down in price dramatically over the past couple years.

LAPTOP: get one with a SSD. ALL 7200 RPM laptop hard disks are slow (Make sure the Power Options are set to HIGH PERFORMANCE).

Get a lot of RAM (at least 2+ GB RAM recommended if you have a 10+ GB database) (note: when using more than 3 GB RAM, use a 64-bit version of Windows)

PostgreSQL loves multiple CPUs. So the more CPUs the better. (Intel i5 / i7 or AMD Phenom)



Use the PostgreSQL Tune option in Database Manager > Maintenance to automatically adjust your PostgreSQL optimal settings for your PC.

Decrease the size of the database by using Database Manager > Maintenance > Optimize.  You can do a Full – Vacuum here to help with your PostgreSQL speed.
How to make PostgreSQL stop making those big log files -

3rd Party Software

  • Defrag the non-SSD hard disk, using Defraggler by Piriform. Or use Disk Defrag by Auslogics or htmlPower Defragmenter (all FREE software and better than the Windows Defrag feature). It is recommended to stop postgreSQL from running before you use defrag! (To stop and start the service: Start > All Programs > PostgreSQL > Stop Service / Start Service)
  • ATI\AMD: If the driver is old and on the ATI\AMD site there is a new version. Remove old driver via Control Panel and install the new one. Warning: the uninstaller could take very long time.
  • A near-empty hard disk is faster than a near-full hard disk. Uninstall any unwanted programs.  Windows Disk Cleanup can help.  
  • For a Poker Stars specific fix: In the lobby, go to Options > Advanced Multi-table Options. Unselect popup table whenever user action is required, click OK and restart Poker Stars.   







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