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Fix Holdem Manager 2 Lagging (Reports & HUD)

How to improve Holdem Manager 2 performance:

  1. HUD Performance Issues
  2. Report Performance Issues
  3. General Performance Suggestions
  4. Email us For Help



1.  HUD Performance Issues

  • If you use Multiple Panels in your HUD, replace the panels with a new line to make a single HUD panel for each player.  HUD Settings > HUD Designer, then replace the “---New Panel---“ entries with “New Line.”   
  • In HUD Settings > General Settings > Advanced Settings, make sure Force HUD on top of tables is checked. (Note: You might experience issues if you overlap tables when using this option on some poker sites.)
  • Move the opacity sliders in HUD Settings > General Settings > HUD Font completely to the right.
  • Turning off Automatically Refresh in reports can help speed up your HUD.   Settings > General Settings > Miscellaneous
  • Disable 3rd Party Poker Programs. 




2.  Report Performance Issues

  • Make sure to display only the "last 250" hands in the Hand View.
  • Remove all stats you don’t need.  Additional stats cause reports to load longer.
  • Turning off Automatically Refresh in reports can help speed up your Report performance.   Settings > General Settings > Miscellaneous
  • Disable 3rd Party Poker Programs.




3.  General Performance Suggestions

Sometimes Anti-virus programs scan all the folders in a file. It is advisable to set exceptions for all the auto import folders, Holdem Manager folders and PostgreSQL folders.

The instructions below include details for setting exceptions to the firewall.
  • If there is anti-virus software running, add all the files mentioned below in Windows Defender. If it is not possible to add these files, uninstall the anti-virus completely and restart.
  • Exceptions can be added by following these instructions. See the anti-virus manual for instructions on adding exceptions. It should be very similar.

Adding Exceptions to Windows Firewall
Adding Exceptions to Windows Defender




4.  Email us for Help

If the above suggestions haven't solved your problem, please provide the following information when emailing support for assistance.

  • Check whats using the most RAM/CPU during lagging for both reports and HUD.
  • Check Windows Event Viewer for errors.
  • Let us know your PC Specs and how many hands are in your database.











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