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How Do I Send a Log File to Holdem Manager Support?


How do I send a log file to Holdem Manager Support?


Sometimes a log file (and config/prefs files) is needed to help the support team determine the cause of an issue with Holdem Manager.  If you use Windows 8 you will need to find the option below from the Start Screen > Apps menu as explained here.

  • Start > All Programs > Holdem Manager 2 > Utilities > Copy Log Files to Desktop


  • This will create a folder on your Desktop named 'HM2Logs' and open a CMD prompt window
  • If you choose 'y' it will open the new folder that was created with Windows Explorer


  • Open that folder to see the files that were copied to your desktop
  • If we requested any screen shots please copy them and paste them into this folder
  • Drag a window around all the files (or click Ctrl+A) to select all the files
  • Right-Click > Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder


  • This will create a .zip file containing all of the files we need to help you.


  • Please attach the zip file to an email and send it to Please include as much detail as possible in the email about what problems you are experiencing.  If the file is too big to attach to an email (anything over 15MB may not arrive in our inbox) please upload it to a file hosting site like dropbox or filedropper and send us the download link.

* If our tech support team requested any 'Feature Logging' options be enabled in your log files please see this FAQ.

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