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  1. Help with Crashing issues?Help with Crashing issues? [Article]
    If Holdem Manager is crashing, please follow these steps to fix the problem or narrow down what is causing the problem: Update Holdem Manager
  2. How do I post hands in the forums?How do I post hands in the forums? [Article]
    HM2 gives you the ability to post hands in forum friendly formats. Open the Hand Viewer by Right Clicking a hand in any hand view. Once you right click the han
  3. Holdem Manager 2 TVHoldem Manager 2 TV [Article]
    Introduction Video
  4. TableNinja II Common Questions (TN2)TableNinja II Common Questions (TN2) [Article]
    Why is TableNinja II subscription based? How long will you support TableNinja (v1)? Wha
  5. Sessions / Session SummarySessions / Session Summary [Article]
    Session Summary The Session Summary is found in the upper left quadrant of the Active Session tab. Session Summary incorporates text and graphs to summarize the Selecte
  6. How to sync auto imported hands between HM Cloud and HM2How to sync auto imported hands between HM Cloud and HM2 [Article]
    When using HM Cloud (Build 1.0.412) and HM2 (Build on the same computer*, your hands played with either HM2 or HM Cloud will be automatically imported to the other cli
  7. Settings / AliasesSettings / Aliases [Article]
  8. Setup Auto-Center or Preferred Seating For PokerStarsSetup Auto-Center or Preferred Seating For PokerStars [Article]
    Open the PokerStars > Options > 'Preferred Seat' menu. Enable [x] 'Auto-Center me' or... Enable [x] 'Don't Auto-Center me' and pick your 'Preferred Seat Settings'
  9. HUD Settings / Tournament FiltersHUD Settings / Tournament Filters [Article]
  10. Filters / More Filters / Filter By ActionsFilters / More Filters / Filter By Actions [Article]
  11. Table Ninja 2 and Antivirus SoftwareTable Ninja 2 and Antivirus Software [Article]
  12. Help (TN2)Help (TN2) [Article]
    This tab will record every action that TableNinja II takes and report it in real-time. You can also find all this information written in your log files. It will display the full error text for any e
  13. NASH ChartsNASH Charts [Article]
    The popular NASH Charts are now included with Holdem Manager 2. We would like to thank along with for working with us on these charts. N
  14. Boss MediaBoss Media [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Boss Media:
  15. Merge NetworkMerge Network [Article]
    Overview: There are 2 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with the Merge Network
  16. HM2 Alert Viewer SystemHM2 Alert Viewer System [Article]
  17. Settings / Rakeback and BonusesSettings / Rakeback and Bonuses [Article]
  18. Hand Replayer / Replayer Options IconHand Replayer / Replayer Options Icon [Article]
    Replayer Options Use the Holdem Manager Hand Replayer Options to choose the following options:
  19. Options / Hand Importing / Site Time AdjustmentOptions / Hand Importing / Site Time Adjustment [Article]
  20. HUD Settings / Caddy ReportHUD Settings / Caddy Report [Article]
    This can be turned on by going to HUD Settings > HUD Designer. Tick the "Start Caddy Report on HUD Launch" in the bottom right corner.
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