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  1. Setup Preferred Seating For Winning Poker NetworkSetup Preferred Seating For Winning Poker Network [Article]
  2. How are Hands Exported?How are Hands Exported? [Article]
    Question: How are hands exported?* Solution: Exporting from database based on filters
  3. Table Scanner - SettingsTable Scanner - Settings [Article]
  4. Table Scanner - Main ViewsTable Scanner - Main Views [Article]
    Numbers 3, 4 and 5 are discussed in this FAQ.
  5. Table Scanner - Ribbon OptionsTable Scanner - Ribbon Options [Article]
    Start Scan Fish Scan Cancel Scan Auto Action Auto Scan Off
  6. Table Scanner - Main View (Options)Table Scanner - Main View (Options) [Article]
    The Main View options in Table Scanner allow you to open, join or close tables direclty from Table Scanner. You can also format the appearce of the Table Scanner Main View by adjusting colors bas
  7. Table Scanner IntroductionTable Scanner Introduction [Article]
    Table Scanner scans the lobby of your favorite poker room and presents detailed table and player stats based on your Hold'em Manager database, allowing you to quickly spot profitable tables.
  8. Player HUDPlayer HUD [Article]
    The HUD, or Heads up Display, displays information about you and your opponents. Below is a sample Default 2.0 HUD:
  9. Hand ReplayerHand Replayer [Article]
  10. Hand Replayer / Replayer ControlsHand Replayer / Replayer Controls [Article]
    Replayer Controls Default Replayer Size
  11. Filters / More Filters / Basic FiltersFilters / More Filters / Basic Filters [Article]
  12. Settings / Restore DefaultsSettings / Restore Defaults [Article]
    ...ings > General Settings > Reset Settings > Restore Defaults icon to reset all Settings and Hand Importing options to their original/default val
  13. Settings / Hands View ColumnsSettings / Hands View Columns [Article]
  14. How Does Holdem Manager Calculate Positions Based on the Number of Players at the Table?How Does Holdem Manager Calculate Positions Based on the Number of Players at th... [Article]
    ...: How does Holdem Manager calculate positions based on how many players are at the table? Answer: View the chart below which indicates the pos
  15. What is EV? (Expected Value)What is EV? (Expected Value) [Article]
    Question: What is EV and how does it work? Video Here
  16. Table Scanner - Fish/Regulars/FriendsTable Scanner - Fish/Regulars/Friends [Article]
    Fish/Regulars/Friends Player Lists Import Fish/Regulars/Friends
  17. Table Scanner - Main View (Filters)Table Scanner - Main View (Filters) [Article]
    The results of a scan in the Table Scanner are displayed in 3 groups. These groups are: Tables Players Players at table. *The layout of
  18. Bodog Poker Site InformationBodog Poker Site Information [Article]
  19. Filters / More Filters / Hand ValuesFilters / More Filters / Hand Values [Article]
  20. Filters / More Filters / Hole Cards - OmahaFilters / More Filters / Hole Cards - Omaha [Article]
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