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  1. Windows Firewall / Defender ProblemsWindows Firewall / Defender Problems [Article]
    Overview: Step by Step Guide for solving PostgreSQL problems related to: Windows Firewall vista Window
  2. Poker Stars SetupPoker Stars Setup [Article]
    Overview: There are 3 steps to configuring Holdem Manager to work with Poker Stars:
  3. HUD Settings / Popup DesignerHUD Settings / Popup Designer [Article]
  4. Table Control - Layout (TN2)Table Control - Layout (TN2) [Article]
    Change Layout Close Tables Custom Layout Multi-Stack Layout
  5. Database Manager (Ribbon)Database Manager (Ribbon) [Article]
    Database Manager has the following options: Database Info Backup Restore
  6. Annoyances (TN2)Annoyances (TN2) [Article]
    The Annoyances window allows you to automatically handle common poker related annoyances. Auto clicking the time bank, or automatically handling tournament registration popups are all found here
  7. Feature LoggingFeature Logging [Article]
    The Settings > Feature Logging* options are used when support needs additional information about problems you might be experiencing. You will want to enable the specific logging
  8. Reinstalling on a new PC - Backup your settings ONLYReinstalling on a new PC - Backup your settings ONLY [Article]
    It is recommended to use the new Backup and Restore Wizard which makes it easy to backup up all your hand history, settings, filters, hud config etc If your doing a reinstallation of HM2 and
  9. Display SettingsDisplay Settings [Article]
    Use graphical cards in hand view Show winning/losing value colors
  10. SNG Sensei (TN2)SNG Sensei (TN2) [Article]
    TableNinja II can automatically register you to SNGs, removing the painful repetitive task of registering you to SNGs. Go in Pokerstars, filter for the SNGs you want, then come back to TableNinja II, ...
  11. Settings / General SettingsSettings / General Settings [Article]
  12. How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work?How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work? [Article]
    Question: How does Backup and Restore Database, Settings and HUD configs work? Solution:
  13. HUD Settings / Main Popup - Table HUDHUD Settings / Main Popup - Table HUD [Article]
  14. Supported Sites - Minimum PC SpecsSupported Sites - Minimum PC Specs [Article]
    Supported Sites & Min
  15. Setting a max hand value on the replayerSetting a max hand value on the replayer [Article]
    ... the replayer for a player by entering the max number of hands you want to see in the "Replayer Max Hands" input box which is accessible when the hud is shown
  16. Play Money HandsPlay Money Hands [Article]
    PLEASE NOTE: This is for non-Holdem/Omaha hands as well, or any unarchived files, not just play money. HM2 does not support play money or non-Holdem/Omaha hands.
  17. Site SetupSite Setup [Article]
    Watch Video How to configure HM2 to work with a poker site? Step 1 - Open Site Setup
  18. Hand ViewerHand Viewer [Article]
    1. Mark Hand - Select Hand 2. Change Font Size 3. Switch to Tile Mode 4. Open Player Notes
  19. HUD Settings / Site OptionsHUD Settings / Site Options [Article]
  20. How Do I Mark a Hand for Later Review?How Do I Mark a Hand for Later Review? [Article]
    Question: How do I mark hands so I can find them easier in my database? Solution: Open
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