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  1. Transitioning from HM1 to HM2Transitioning from HM1 to HM2 [Article]
    Transitioning from HM1 to HM2 This FAQ is designed to give a quick overview of all the settings and options in Holdem Manager 2. When first making the move from Holdem Manager 1 to Holdem Man
  2. Database Manager (Ribbon)Database Manager (Ribbon) [Article]
    Database Manager has the following options: Database Info Backup Restore
  3. Sync Hands Between 2 PC's Using DropboxSync Hands Between 2 PC's Using Dropbox [Article]
    Overview Syncing Hand Histories to Dropbox Syncing Hand Histories From Dropbox to Holdem Manager 2
  4. Holdem Manager 2 TVHoldem Manager 2 TV [Article]
    Introduction Video
  5. How to sync auto imported hands between HM Cloud and HM2How to sync auto imported hands between HM Cloud and HM2 [Article]
    When using HM Cloud (Build 1.0.412) and HM2 (Build on the same computer*, your hands played with either HM2 or HM Cloud will be automatically imported to the other cli
  6. Utilities (Ribbon)Utilities (Ribbon) [Article]
    The Utilities section is composed of two fun
  7. Hand Importing / Import HistoryHand Importing / Import History [Article]
    Import History will keep track of import stats along with errors and duplicates. This is mainly a debug tool so we can quickly see why a hand imported as an error.
  8. Settings / Website LoginSettings / Website Login [Article]
  9. German VideosGerman Videos [Article]
    Einführung in die Tabs Einführung in die Reports
  10. Russian VideosRussian Videos [Article]
    Hold'Em Manager 2 FAQs - Poker Software :: Русские видео (Russian Videos)