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HUD Settings / HUD Filters


Overview:  (HUD Settings / HUD Filters) 

Use HUD Filters to exclude stats in the HUD Overlay.  This is somewhat of an advanced feature of Holdem Manager. Most users should have no need to adjust anything here. The following options are available:


  • Filter for # of Players
  • Filter by Date
  • Filter by Limits



Filter for # of Players:

The column on the left (# Players) represents how many players are seated at the current table. The other two columns are Min and Max players to display stats for.



When playing a 6max SNG, once it gets to 3 people, the stats for 6max are no longer relevant because the villain will loosen up. So, change the "# of players 3" to 3 and max to 3. Then, the only stats displayed from the villain, are stats from hands the villain played while 3 handed. Any stats where the villain was 4 handed or heads up will not be shown.

Where some go wrong is, they only set the filter "# of players 6" because they only play 6 max. This is wrong.  It does not go by the type of game being played. It filters based on how many players are at the table.  So when playing 10max and there are only 5 people left it will use the filter "# of players 5" not 10.


Filter by Date:

Self explanatory – insert the number of months for the HUD Overlay to display stats.

Filter By Limits:

When checked, this includes hands from other limits on the HUD Overlay.

Use Last X Hands:

Select the amount of Last Hands Played HM2 should take into account for the displayed stats. Set to 0 to use all of the hands in the database.

Mix Fast and Non-Fast hands:

When checked, stats from Fast tables and stats from Non-Fast tables will be added together in the HUD stats. Left unchecked only Fast stats will show at Fast tables and only normal table stats will show at the normal tables. 


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