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What are the minimum PC specs needed in order to run Holdem Manager 2?

Holdem Manager can be used with just about any computer in any configuration.*


Minimum System Requirements:

CPU:  Intel Core 2 Duo (or AMD equivalent)

RAM:  2+ GB, Max 32 GB

Video:  1024x768 Resolution is Recommended

Operating System:  Windows Vista, and Windows 7, 8, and 10 Home or Pro versions, with all Service Packs Installed.*

Microsoft .NET Framework:  4.x or Newer

Note:  Having a fast hard drive helps Holdem Manager's performance drastically.  We suggest using a 7200RPM hard drive or faster (i.e. SSD).

Recommended System Requirements:

CPU:  Quad-Core Processor

RAM:  4+ GB, Max 32 GB

Optimal System Requirements:
CPU:  Intel Core i5 or i7 multi-core 64-bit processor

RAM:  8+ GB, Max 32 GB

*Holdem Manager ONLY works on Windows computers.  It is NOT MAC compatible. 

*Holdem Manager does NOT support Play Money tables/games.

*Holdem Manager does NOT support 'Corporate', etc versions of Windows.


*At this time we only offer 14 day offline mode without contacting our licensing server. After 14 days you have to run HM2 in online mode at least once before you can use it for another 14 days offline.

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