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Supported Sites - Minimum PC Specs

Supported Sites  & Minimum PC Specs


Getting Holdem Manager to work with your Poker Client is simple.

  • Holdem Manager just needs to find the Hand Histories your Poker Client saves after each hand is complete.  


How Hold'em Manager 2 Works

Note:  Make sure your Poker Client is saving "English" Hand Histories to your computer's hard drive.

Note:  You will be required to use the English version of a Poker Client on some sites.


Specific Install Instructions for Poker Clients


Specific Setup Information For Each Poker Client:
Poker Stars

Full Tilt
Microgaming - Prima
Merge Network
Party Poker
Pacific Poker
PKR Network
Boss Media
Revolution/Cake Poker
Everest Poker
Everleaf Network

Winning Poker Network


Many networks are comprised of skins. For example, Titan poker is a skin on the Ipoker network. We only list networks, there are too many skins. Click here if you are unsure on which network your skin is located.


How Holdem Manager Works:







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