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Settings / General Settings


Use the General Settings function to configure different items:


Automatically Refresh Reports
  • Enable this option to automatically refresh Holdem Manager when adding / changing Reports.

Minimize to Task Tray
  • Enable this option if you prefer HM2 to be minimized to the Task Tray in the lower right corner of the monitor near the Windows clock instead of being minimized to the larger Task Bar Icons along the Left/Center of the monitor closer to the Start button.

Hide importer licensing restriction
  • Enable this option if you own the Small Stakes or Holdem/Omaha Only license and prefer not to see the warning that some of the hands in your database don't meet the criteria of your license and are being filtered out of the reports.


Prompt for beta updates

  • Enable this option if you want to test our latest beta updates before they are officially released.  Read this FAQ for more information.

Clear filters does not clear Date Filter
  • If you enable this option the Clear Filters button in the main ribbon will not clear the Date Range filter you have applied.

Allow to run simultaneously with HM1
  • If you enable this option you can keep HM1 open while using HM2 but you will have to make sure you launch HM1 before you launch HM2.

Auto apply filter changes to all reports
  • If you enable this option you will not have to click the Apply to all Reports button in the main ribbon when you make filter changes to one report.

Start of day
  • Use Day Start Time to specify what time the day starts. When running reports, such as today for example, set it to 3am. Play a hand at 2:58am and another at 3:02am. The first hand will appear under the date filter yesterday. The 3:02am will be found under today's date filter.

Session Timeout

  • Use Minimum Time Between Sessions to specify the length of time not playing before it is considered a completed session. For example, if the time is set for 1 hour, then after 1 hour and no hands have been played, the session will be considered complete. 

Start of Week
  • Use this option to choose if you prefer Sunday or Monday to be the first day of the week when you use the Date Range filters for This week or Last week.

Reset Settings

  • Reset Messages - This button will unhide all message boxes that had an option to hide them previously.  See this FAQ for a detailed explanation of this button.
  • Restore Defaults - Clicking this button will reset all Settings and Hand Importing options to their original/default values.  See this FAQ for more detailed explanation of what this button does.

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