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Session Summary
The Session Summary is found in the upper left quadrant of the Active Session tab.  Session Summary incorporates text and graphs to summarize the Selected Session. 

Session Summary indicates in text:
  • Date and Time of Session
  • Total Hands
  • Session Length
  • Net Won/Lost
  • Biggest Pot Won
  • Biggest Pot Lost
  • Win Rate (bb/100) 
Session Summary graphs include:
  • Non Showdown Winnings
  • Showdown Winnings
  • All-in EV
  • Rakeback & Bonuses
  • Net Amount Won



Session Summary options include:

  • Y-Axis to indicate Winnings (USD, EUR, GBP), Big blinds or Big bets
  • X-Axis to indicate Hands, Days or Months
  • Show Rakeback and Bonuses graph
  • Show Showdown Winnings graph
  • Show All-In EV graph


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