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Settings / Auto Rate Rules


Auto Rate Rules
changes note icons into little graphics based on certain rules.





There are eight Auto Rate Rules pre-configured in Holdem Manager. Customize these rules, add rules and delete rules.




For any of this to work the Enable Autorate and/or Enable Autorate in Replayer checkboxes at the bottom of the above screen should be enabled.


At the top of the screen, there are Players, Games and Style drop-down boxes. Use these to make specific rules for specific types of games.

To have the Auto Rate on it's own panel/line in the HUD, simply add a new panel to the top of the HUD.


Main Buttons - Auto Rate


Select different options to set countless auto rate rules for every game variation.


Players - Choose between:

  • Full Ring
  • 6-MAX
  • Heads UP

Games - Choose between:

  • Holdem
  • Omaha (Hi)
  • Omaha 8 (Hi/Lo)

Style - Choose between:

  • No Limit & Pot Limit
  • Fixed Limit
  • Tournament

Up Arrow - Moves the selected Rule Up in the Rules List


Down Arrow - Moves the selected Rule Down in the Rules List

Moving an Auto Rate Rule Up or moving an Auto Rate Rule down the list determines the order in which they are parsed.  So, if a player falls into two Auto Rate Rule categories, the Auto Rate Rule that is higher up on the list will be the Auto Rate Rule that is displayed in the HUD.

Red X -
Deletes a selected Rule


Green Plus  - Creates a new Rule

Pencil Icon - Edits the selected Rule


Enable Auto Rate - Enables Auto Rate Icons in the HUD


Enable Auto Rate in Replayer - Enables Auto Rate Icons in the Replayer

Editing & Adding Rules

  • Click the pencil icon to edit an existing Auto Rate Rule.
  • Click the green plus button to add a new Auto Rate Rule.


In the above image, the name of the rule and the icon to associate with the rule is set.  Click the green plus button to add the rule.  See below.


Use the "AND" & "OR" radio buttons to pick how this rule interacts with other set rules.

For this rule, if the VPIP stat is between 17 & 22 over 100 samples this player is tagged with the yellow Auto Rate Icon.

Mix and match rules for the following stats in the Auto Rate Rules:
  • VPIP
  • 3-Bet
  • Steal_att
  • Agg_Factor
  • WTSD
  • W$SD
  • WWSF

Color Box Auto Rate Icons

Choose a Color Box and rule set for an Auto Rate Icon.


When a player fits the Auto Rate rule set, a colored box will outline the HUD panel in the respective color.


Scanner Score

Table Scanner Scoring uses HM2's Auto Rate Rules to create table and player scoring.  This enables you to quickly see what tables and players match your criteria for opening and playing a table.



In the above example, we can see that players with a VPIP of 12 or less with 30 or more hands is rated as a -3.  This -3 will be deducted from overall table scores in Table Scanner.  Generally, the higher the score, the easier the table is.  The lower the score, the tougher the table is.











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