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Preset Bets Explained

Below we are going to explain how TN2 calculates Preset bets for different streets.

Preflop Bets(No limpers)
Preflop Bets(With Limpers)
Preflop 3Bet%
Flop-Turn-River Bets(First to act)
Flop-Turn-River Bets(Not First to act)
Rounding Of Bets 

Preflop Bets(No limpers) 

In the screensbot below there is no limpers involved in the pot. So in this example where the big blind is 0.02, the bet would be calculated as this:

BB=0.02*Preflop Bet 3bb=0.06 


Preflop Bets(With limpers) 

In the below image there is a total of 2 limpers, so the calculation would be 0.02*3 and for every limper we add an extra BB so the calculation would be the following:



Preflop 3Bet%

Below is an example of a 3bet  situation, the way TN2 calculates a 3bet is the following:

Bet=(Pot percent/100)*(pot+last raise)) + last raise, last raise is the last raise that was made.

Example in the screenshot below:

Bet=(100/100)*(0.09+0.06)) + (0.06)



 Flop-Turn-River Bets(First to Act)

For Flop, Turn and River bets, if you are the first to act then we calculate it as follows:

Total Pot * Flop, Turn or River %


In the screenshot below for the flop we would calculate the bet as follows, note that the same applies for the Turn and River bets:

0.17*80%=0.136 ( Since it is not possible to have 3 digits afte ra decimal we round it, so in that example the bet would be 0.14 



Flop-Turn-River Bets(Not First to Act)

If on the flop you are not the first to act and someone has acted before you, then we calculate it the same as we would a 3bet.

Bet=(Pot percent/100) * (Pot + Last Raise) + Last raise, Last raise is the last raise that was made.


Bet=(80/100) * (1.01+0.72)) + 0.72



Rounding Of Bets 

TN2 has a setting to round all bets to BB or SB, as you can see in the screenshot below, If you really want to use precise bets as 2.10BB or 76.39%  of pot then you should Disable that setting which is in the betting tab at the bottom.

If enabled then we will round all your bets to the selection you have choosen for example 1BB


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