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Table Ninja 2 Ipoker setup

Note: That Ipoker is still in beta and not all features are supported. Please see a list of what we do support but should be used with caution:

* Ipoker tables are recognized 
* Betting and betting Hotkeys ( Fold, Check/Call, Bet/Raise )
* AA check/Fold hotkeys work 
* Pot betting works 
* Preset bets 
* Allin + Allin+Click hotkeys 
* Increment/Decrement betting hotkeys work 
* Send Numpad/backspace to bet box 

When you first open Ipoker with TN2 you will be greeted with steps that you need to follow.

1) The first screen will be a popup as seen below, you must follow those steps in order for TN2 to work with Ipoker. 

Note: You no longer need to take screenshots of the tables, once you do the steps below Ipoker will be recognized. 


2) In the experimental tab you must enable both of the Ipoker check Boxes see the image below .


Note:  The chat box should be like in screenshot (A) below and not screenshot B) when playing.


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