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How to retrieve hands manually from IPoker client

IPoker has a known issue where it does not write all hand histories to disk/file when playing live on their Speed (fast-fold) tables.  To import these hands after the session you will need to use the following instructions.

1 - Wait at least 5 minutes after your session has and ended and the table has been closed to be sure that all hands you fast/speed folded have been written to their servers.

2 - In the IPoker lobby menu press 'My Account'  


3 - In the next menu window that opens select 'Cash Table History'


4 - Set the necessary parameters as shown in the image below to make sure you are requesting all the hands from your previous session


5 - In the new window that opens click on any hand to open a new window.  Highlight the hand hisotry text with Ctrl+A then Ctrl+C to copy it to your Windows Clipboard.  Open a text editor like Microsoft NotePad, Open Office Text or NotePad++ and click Ctrl+V to paste in the hand and save it as a .txt file.  Then see this FAQ for instructions on how to manually import the hand(s) to HM2.  Make sure you toggle on the Options > Hand Importing > Manual Hand Import > Import Options > [x] 'Force import of previously imported hands' option before you import these hand history files.

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