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Opponents (Ribbon) / Opponents Summaries

Opponents Summaries is divided into four different sections:
  1. Summaries Filter
  2. Opponents Table Info
  3. NoteCaddy Notes
  4. Group Profile Graph


Summaries Filter

Use Sumaries Filter to filter out the players based on the following choices:
  • Date Range - Choose the dates for hands you want returned.
  • More Filters - Change the following:
    • Minimum Hands
    • Number of Players
    • VPIP
    • Poker Sites
    • Show Winners or Losers
  • Game Type - Filter for different poker game types and stakes in your database.
  • Hand Range - Filter for hand ranges.
  • Clear Filters - Clears the current filter
  • Refresh - Refreshes the screen

Opponents Table Info

This information table shows all the major stats for the the opponents that meet the filtering parameters.  For more information on the stats follow the link to Stat Definitions

NoteCaddy Notes

When highlighting a player in the main view, NoteCaddy notes will be shown for the selected player here.

Group Profile Graph

    The Group Profile Graph shows the opponent count according to the stat that is chosen from the stat drop down menu.  The numbers in this graph are directly affected by the parameters set forth in the filters section of the Opponents Summaries.

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