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Sessions / Session Details

Session Details

The Session Details section has two views:
  1. Graph View
  2. Table View 

graph view.png

Graph View

The Graph View displays:
  1. Options
  2. Hole Cards
  3. Hand Won
  4. Hand Lost
  5. Big Blinds Y-Axis
  6. Large Pots
  7. Large Pots Total Pot Size
  8. Total Pot Size
  9. Selected Hand

  1. Options


    Options gives a number of filters. Filter to show All Hands, Won Hands, Lost Hands or Only show hands in which the pot size is greater than a specific number of big blinds. This is useful for filtering out small pots.

  2. Hole Cards

    Each column represents a hand. The hand and suit colors are shown at the base of each graph.

  3. Hand Won

    Graph columns shaded in green indicate a won pot.

  4. Hand Lost

    Graph columns shaded in red indicate this is a lost pot.

  5. Big Blinds Y Axis

    The Y Axis displays the pot size in big blinds.

  6. Large Pots

    If the pot size is quite large, it is marked with a cutoff symbol. This is to show the graph is larger than the current displayed max big blinds in the Y-Axis.

  7. Large Pots - Total Pot Size

    Total pot size is displayed above the graphs that are cut-off.

  8. Total Pot Size

    Graph columns shaded in gray indicate the total pot size.

  9. Selected Hand

    Click on a column/hand to select that specific hand. The hand history information is displayed in the hand history review section below. Also, when a hand is selected it will have an orange box surrounding the column to highlight it. Finally, hover over a column to display information on the pot size, amount won, amount lost, the date and time.


Table View

Table View displays the hands from the Selected Session in table format.
 Click to select/highlight a hand. Then, analyze it in the Hand View or Hand Replayer.

Table View Can Filter For:
  • Showing the last 250, 1,000 or all Hands
  • Only showing marked hands
    • Select the marked hand tags from the drop down menu


The Table View displays

  • Cards
  • Line Player Took
  • Board
  • Won/Lost
  • EV $ Diff
  • Position
  • Facing Preflop Action
  • Action
  • All-In
  • Equity %

Right Click in the Table View to Select:

  • Replay all hands from table/tourney
  • Copy hands
  • Copy hands with stats
  • Export hands
  • Mark hands for review
  • Delete hands

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