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NASH Charts

The popular NASH Charts are now included with Holdem Manager 2.  We would like to thank along with for working with us on these charts.


NASH charts are for heads-up SNG games. 



The NASH Push Chart shows you what hands you should Push when acting first in a HU SNG situation.



  • If you are holding T3s, you should push with 7.7 BB's or less.
  • If you are holding T8 off suit, you should push with 17 BB's or less.
  • 63s is a NASH shove at any stack depth between 7.1 and 5.1, and at any stack depth of 2.3 and below.  It's NOT a Nash shove at (for example) 4bb because that's not in the specified range.


Remember, NASH charts assume you have no edge on your opponent.  If you are using Holdem Manager 2, you should have an edge on what the opponenents calling range is by looking at their stats.




When facing an all-in preflop, this is your calling range based on NASH.



  • With 7 BB's or less, J6s is a call.
  • With 4 BB's or less, T5 off suite is a call.



Remember, NASH charts assume you have no edge on your opponents. 



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