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Site Setup

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How to configure HM2 to work with a poker site?

Step 1 - Open Site Setup

Step 2 - Select poker site you would like to configure

Step 3 - Configure Auto Import Folders

Step 4 - Adjust hand times to your local time

Step 5 - Set  up preferred seating

Step 1 - Open Site Setup


Open Site Setup via ribbon button.

Step 2 - Select the poker site you would like to configure.


Find and select the poker site you want to set up in the list of poker sites on the left side.

Step 3 - Auto Import Folders


For most sites this step will be done automatically. If you are not using default hand history folders you can add them here.



To add auto import folder press the green + icon and search for your hand history folder using [...] button. If you are using a custom archive folder you can set it in the Archive field below.



If you want to edit or remove an auto import folder select a folder from the list and then use the Edit and Remove folder buttons.



The Auto Detect button will check your computer for all known hand history folder locations and add them to the list. If you removed any of the folders Auto Detect will bring them back.



If you want to quickly navigate to a hand history folder that is in the Auto Import Folders list you can use Open Folder icon. This will open the hand history folder in Windows Explorer allowing you to verify that hand histories are being saved there.

Step 4 - Adjust hand times to your local time


If your computer time zone is set to your local time zone, you can use Auto Detect and HM2 will attempt to automatically detect your time zone setting. Many poker sites allow you to change time in lobby, in which case HM2 cannot automatically detect this setting and you will have to change it manually. See this FAQ for more information.

Step 5 - Preferred Seating


Most of the poker sites allow you to pick preferred seat position that will be used for every poker table you sit at. Use this option to set your preferred seat position for each of the table types.



If you hover over ? icon below, it will show you how seats are positioned for each poker site and table type.

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