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Play Money Hands

PLEASE NOTE: This is for non-Holdem/Omaha hands as well, or any unarchived files, not just play money.

HM2 does not support play money or non-Holdem/Omaha hands.  Play money, non-Holdem/Omaha hands, incomplete hands and any other files that do not get imported, do not get archived which could cause HM2's HUD performance to slow down.

If you played unsupported hands in the past, we strongly suggest removing these hand histories from your hard drive.

  1. Navigate to HM2's Site Setup.
  2. Note the locations of all your Auto Import Hand History folders.
  3. Click the folder button labeled with the red arrow in the picture below. This will open Windows File Explorer.
  4. In Windows File Explorer.  If there are play money or non-Holdem/Omaha hands here you should move (cut/paste) the hands to your C:\HM2Archive folder.
  5. Make sure that you clean out c:\users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\HEM Hands as well
  6. If folders are not being archived, it points to an issue with permissions settings. Please add all site folders, as well as c:\hm2archive to these steps.


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