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HUD Settings / Stat Appearance


Stat Appearance

Use Stat Appearance to change the properties of  the HUD configuration. Select from different colors, fonts and font sizes.



  1. Selected Stat
  2. Color Range
  3. Stat Settings

1 - Selected Stat

Displayed Stats shows which stats are currently available for editing.
Select a stat then apply options to that stat in boxes 2 & 3.

2 - Color Range


  • Default Colors - Quickly select color options for the stat range.
  • Color Range - Set the range in which the colors chosen will be displayed.
    • Click a color to change the color for that particular stat range
    • Enter stat numbers in the fields below the colors to change HUD colors based on the stat ranges.
    • Use up to 5 stat colors. 
      • To add another color, click the Off button to turn it on. 
      • To reduce the number of colors, click the On button to turn it off.

3 - Stat Settings



Click the font button to change fonts and font sizes on the selected stat.


Choose which HUD Popup is associated with selected stat. Once a popup is assigned to a stat, hovering over that stat in the hud will cause the popup to appear.

Tourney Stack Size Popup can be assigned to the HUD from the popup drop-down menu.


Use this to select how many decimal places are used for the stat.  You can also use this option to abbreviate the 'Name' stat so it doesn't display the full screen name for players in the HUD.

When setting Decimals for the net $ won stat: 0=no cents, 1=cents if total <$10, 2=cents all the time.

Changing this for the "Name" stat adjust how many characters are used for the Name.  Some names can be very long. It is usually a good idea to limit the amount of characters that can be shown for this stat. 


Choose to display abbreviations for the stats.

Checkbox - Dim for sample size

This dims the stats based on sample size.  Lighter colored stats mean there is not enough data for the stats to be relevant.  This way, the more relevant stats will stand out.

Checkbox - Display for Hero

Select the stats to display in the Hero's HUD. 

Checkbox - Display for opponents 

Select the stats to be displayed in the Opponents' HUD.

Min Samples

Select the minimum amount of opportunities (for many stats this is not the total number of hands played) for the selected stat on a player before that stat will be displayed in the HUD. 


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