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Advantages of Priority Support Tool

Why should i use the priority support tool instead of email?

When someone emails us with a general issue like 'my hud is not working', 'my hands are not importing', 'my results are not correct', or 'HM2 won't register', we will often not have enough information to know what might be causing the problem because the customer is unsure of what information to provide to best help us answer their specific issue.  By asking the customers to answer some key questions, and provide some specific files, we can usually narrow down very quickly what the issue might be and provide a more specific solution.

When a customer emails us we work on a first come first served basis.  This means it can take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to respond to their first email depending on a number of factors. An example of a typical email exchange might go something like this:
  • The user might say something fairly vague like 'My HUD is not working' without telling us which site/games he is playing on.  
  • Our support will reply after 10 hours asking for answers to several important questions to help us narrow down the possibel causes of the problems.
  • Because of the user's time zone difference he doesn't see the email for 10 hours.  The user provides some of the answers but doesnt give us enough information (i.e. forgets to answer some of the questions or attach the requested files/logs).
  • We then respond 6 hours later asking for additional info.
  • The user replies back 7 hours later and we respond within 5 hours with the final solution.

In total that took 38 hours. Even if we got enough information on the 2nd stage it would have been 26 hours from the first contact until a solution was provided, even though we responded within 10 hours.

The support tool is built to be user friendly and only ask relevant questions based on your previous answers, along with having detailed pictures to make it easy to follow.  If instead of the above example the user had completed the support tool, and sent the requested answers/files, the chances are very high that we would have the solution for the user in the first reply.  In many cases just following the support tool actually uncovers the problem and your issue is solved in minutes.  These questions are the same questions we would ask if we were talking to you live so skipping this process just adds to the delay in solving the issue.

We have 2 inboxes our support staff monitor daily: the inbox for the Priority Support Tool emails generated when you complete the support tool, and the normal email inbox (where manual emails go as well as emails from the Priority Support Tool when the customer chooses the 'My issues is not listed' option.  Each time an employee clocks in to answer emails we check the Priority Support Tool inbox before we check the normal email inbox to encourage more people to use it, so those emails will get answered first.  We will be adding new topics to the Priority Support Tool in the future.

We understand that this can seem a bit impersonal, but from our research we are very confident that a high percentage of customers will drastically reduce their waiting time for a solution and this is the main reason why we insist people complete the Priority Support Tool for contacting support. If you would like to send feedback about your experience with the tool please send it via the feedback button on the bottom status bar in HM2.

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