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How to Enable Desktop Composition in Windows 7 and Vista

Through Visual Effects Settings
NOTE: This option will only affect your user account.
Disabled desktop composition can cause issues while running Hold'em Manager 2.

For full compatibility please make sure that desktop composition is enabled. Please follow this guide to enable it in Windows 7 and Vista*

The 2 preferred methods to enable it from that FAQ are detailed below for reference:

  1. - Control Panel > System


    - Advanced system settings > Advanced tab > Performance > Settings > [x] Enable desktop composition:


    Note: If desktop composition does not show up its because your vieo card doesnt meet minimum system requirements. You can try updating your video card drivers to see if that works. If your card simply doesn't support it then HM2 should still function fine in all but a few isolated cases where users may experience crash issues from time to time.

  2. - Right-Click the HoldemManager2 Shortcut > Properties


    - Compatibility tab > [ ] Disable desktop composition


* Note: In Windows 8, Desktop Window Manager (DWM) is always ON and cannot be disabled by end users and apps.

If the message continues, please change your Windows Desktop Theme to an Aero theme.

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