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Table Scanner - Ribbon Options

  1. Start Scan
  2. Fish Scan
  3. Cancel Scan
  4. Auto Action
  5. Auto Scan Off
  6. Help
  7. Profile Wizard
  8. Scan Profiles
  9. Scoring Profiles
  10. Auto Rate Rules
  11. Settings
  12. Font Smoothing
  13. Fish & Friends
  14. Player Aliases
  15. My Active Tables
  16. Show Tables Where


1.  Start Scan

Starts scanning tables.  Only after you have Scan Profiles setup.




2.  Fish Scan

When you tag players as a fish, you can scan for them by pressing the Fish Scan button. 

Note: Fish Scan only works when using Insta Scan.  It does not work for Client Scan.





3.  Cancel Scan

Stops the current scan.





4.  Auto Action

Auto Action will join or open tables automatically for you when setting up rules.  You can even be notified when fish or buddies start playing.


Click here for more information





5.  Auto Scan Off

Toggles Auto Scan on and off.  Auto Scan, scans your tables every X minutes refreshing data in the main Table Scanner view.  You can change how often Table Scanner auto scans tables by clicking the Settings button in the ribbon and view the "General" category.





6.  Help

Click Help to be taken to the Table Scanner FAQ's.




7.  Profile Wizard

Use the Profile Wizard to setup Scan Profiles.  Click Here for step by step instructions detailing the Profile Wizard.


Click Here for more information.




8.  Scan Profiles

These are the profiles Table Scanner currently uses for it's scans.  All Scan Profile Management is done here.  You can add multiple profiles and turn them on and off as well.


Click Here for more information.




9.  Scoring Profiles

Setup scoring profiles so you can easily rate tables spotting profitable tables.


Click Here for more information.





10.  Auto Rate Rules

Use HM2's Auto Rate Rules to adjust Table Scanners scoring Algorithms.

Generally, the higher the score, the easier the table is.  The lower the score, the tougher the table is.


Click Here for more infomation.





11.  Settings

The Settings menu has all of the miscellanous Table Scanner settings.  These include:

  • General
  • Instascan
  • Definitions
  • Appearance
  • Behaviour
  • Site Specific


Click Here for more information.

12.  Font Smoothing

Windows Font Smoothing off is required to read poker client information and display it inside of Table Scanner.  Table Scanner provides a easy way to change this setting since Font Smoothing is on by default with windows.


Make sure Font Smoothing is off before using Table Scanner.  Some poker clients will need to be restarted after this window setting is changed.


Click Here for more information.





13.  Fish & Friends

Manage your friend lists here.  You can even add friends, regulars and fish from from a live table by clicking the HM2 note icon in the HUD.


Click Here for more information.

14.  Player Aliases

Sometimes Table Scanner can't recognize players at a table. While this is rare, Table Scanner has a tool allowing you to add these players to the Table Scanner scans.


Click Here for more information.




15.  My Active Tables

Toggle between showing or not showing your active tables.  If you play a ton of tables, filtering out your active tables will make it easier to spot new profitable tables while you're playing.




16.  Show Tables Where

Toggle between showing tables where you are on the wait list or not.  This can be useful to remove clutter when you are searching for new profitable tables.

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