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Table Scanner 2 - Quick Start Guide

Setup Table Scanner For Your First Scan

  1. Table Scanner only supports the English version of poker clients.  Use the English version of your poker site.
  2. Make sure font smoothing is "OFF"!  (00:30 in the video above)
  3. Use the Profile Wizard to setup your first scan.  (00:15 in the video above)
  4. Open your Poker Client and filter for the games want to scan.  (00:32 in the video above)
  5. Click the Start Scan button in Table Scanner 2.


Once you're able to scan tables, double click any table in Table Scanner 2 to open that table. 




Table Scanner Views

Table Scanner 2 defaults to the Classic View with three sections.

  • Top Section - Tables
  • Middle Section - Players at the selected table
  • Bottom Section - All players


Tip:  Click the Settings button in the ribbon to change the default view.  (Settings / General / Table Scanner View)  (2:06 in the video above)


The new Advanced View will show you what tables you are currently playing and what tables are more profitable by using Auto Rate Scoring.  (2:06 in the video above)








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