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Table Scanner - Settings

  1. General
  2. Instascan
  3. Definitions
  4. Appearance
  5. Behaviour
  6. Site Specific



Autoscan - When a scan finishes you can configure the Table Scanner to start another scan after "x" seconds. If you wish to use autoscan then please make sure it is turned on via the option on the Table Scanner ribbon.


Speed Settings - Here you can configure the speed of a client side scan. The lower the number, the faster the scan. If the scan is too fast however tables may get skipped during the scan.

Warnings - If you have cleared any warning messages and have instructed them not to be displayed again this can be reset here.

Reset Windows Assembly Cache - Use only when instructed by support.

Table Scanner View - Choose between these Table Scanner layouts:
  • Advanced
  • Classic
  • Wide
  • Extended


Instascan allows you to use our servers to instantly populate your Table Scanner table and player lists.

Classic scan uses your poker client to scan the tables for player information.


By clicking the "Instscan available games" menu item, you can see what types of games are tracked by TableScanner.




Screennames - Here you enter your player aliases for the site(s) you play. This enables tables to be colored when you are sat at them or on the waiting list. This can be configured via Settings > Appearance.

You can also exclude yourself from a scan. Please note however that excluding yourself from the scan does not mean that you are filtered out from the scanner display itself - it just means that your own statistics do not influence the table averages.

High VPIP - Here you can configure what the scanner will regard as a "High VPIP" player. The values entered here are then used if you use the "High VPIP" rule expression via the table filters.





The Appearance Tab allows you to change color coding for table names and individual players.  This will let you spot profitable tables quickly.


Table and Player Sort Order Matrix:  This will allow you to sort by multiple stats when clicking a single column header.  This is useful when players have the same stats.


Example:  If you have 10 players with the same VPIP stat, you can tell Table Scanner to sort these players by up to two more stats.  In the example above, if we click the VPIP column, players will sort by VPIP and players with the same VPIP % will sort by PFR and 3bet automatically.






Site Specific


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